Monday, March 12

A Change of Scenery

So with the new Facebook Page up and running I decided the blog needed a bit of a face-lift.

Hopefully you all like it!

I took the step to establish the blog on Facebook in an attempt to gain more followers and basically make it easier for people to be notified when new posts go up! Along with the Facebook page, I also hope to increase my followers on this site. Down the left hand side you'll find the 'Members/Followers' of my Blog. If you have Gmail/Twitter its pretty much a hop, skip and click! No money required, no surveys, just simply making me look better! :)
If I hit 50 likes or 20 followers, I'll arrange a competition, whereby I will draw a name at random and award them a prize! But this will only happen, if I hit 50 Likes on FB and/or 20 followers here! :) Get joining!!

Thanks for the support,


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Rumbling down Route 66

So I discovered an adventure that I aim to do either next summer (2013) or failing that the next year! And having officially added it to my Must Do list, I thought I'd share the plan!

Simply Rent a Harley and travel Route 66 biker style!! Pit stopping in motels and maybe camping, it'll be a once in a life time experience that i'm so excited about! ... Yeah simple as! ...

There are a few reasons for the trip being postponed till 2013...

There are certain eligibility restrictions:
*to rent the Harley's you must be over 21
*have a full motorbike license and 2 years experience riding....
*and last but certainly not least it is a little bit Expensive... Like $900 a week expensive!

Currently I have none of the above!
(i could be a passenger, split the cost and require none of the above documentation but where's the fun in that?? )

With the theme tune to Sons of Anarchy and the luscious rumble of a harley echoing in my mind, i cant help but dream about that awesome trip- bring it on!


Friday, March 9

TLC at its best!

So I didn't keep to my resolution so well this week due to illness so hopefully this makes up for it:
Here's just a few little helpful tips for anyone who's sick at the minute!! Tested and approved:

*LEMSIP : like a hug from inside!
(Hot lemon with a teaspoon of sugar and maybe some honey if u like)

*DUVET; putting on layers isn't the same as wrapping up in a nice warm duvet or blanket! Drag it to the couch or stay in bed- it helps when you feel crappy!!!

*SOUP: stereotypical I know but nothing is nicer for an icky tummy than some chicken noodle soup! Get it into ya!

*VICKS INHALER: it may look super uncool to use but it works wonders fr your sduffy dose!!

*BALSAM TISSUES: we all hate the feeling of a rudolf nose after a cold- while you may need a whole toilet roll worth of tissue, these are much kinder to your skin!!

* JOHNSON'S BABY PRODUCTS: lavender baby wash will send you to t most comfortable dreamy cloudy cushiony place ever... Babies know where it's at!!

Terms and conditions apply- these methods may not work for u, these are all just my face things to do when I'm not in the 'pribe ob libe' (FRIENDS reference)

Feel better soon,

sniff sniff sniff :)

The Hay in the Needlestack

The Last few days for me haven't been the best- ive had sinusitis and an awful headcold, despite dosing myself with vitamin c etc routinely since January! To add to that I've come to loggerheads with more than one person, been swamped with college deadlines and to top it off, didnt get paid properly this morning!! It has just been one of those weeks and the only highlight for me was the delicious roast beef that mammy and daddy treated me to last night!
But today, through all the turbulence and after i had sorted my wages issue, things began to pick up little by little!
It all begins in the queue for my bus ticket at Supervalu! I popped out of the line to grab a bag of popcorn and when I got back to the Til I had been skipped, I didn't particularly mind it was only one person after all but next thing I knew he turned and allowed me to skip him, saying 'I saw you were ahead of me' ...... I couldn't help but smile after thanking him!! Some people are so nice!
Next I head into my lecture hall- 3 hours of my Fridays are spent listening to this old codger go on and on about archaeology! But today he announces that there'll be no classes for the next 4 yes 4 weeks- I could have jumped out of my seat- never again will I dread Fridays- they'll return to the good day of the week as they should be!
As I write I'm in the last of the 3 hour stint and I can't help but feel über excited for the evening ahead- pizza and Tom Hardy- cant really ask for a better end to a crappy week! :)


Sunday, March 4

A Whole Lot of Lists!!!

I admittedly suffer from OCD in terms of rigid organisation and list-making! I'm no Sheldon Cooper with my 3 knocks on everyones door, but even as I sit here typing with a bowl of cheesers beside me, I've been made aware of the 'eating system' I employ... Cheeser, finger wipe, type.... and so on!
I find my whole world falls apart if I haven't planned my days or if my routine is broken in any way. If I have an unexpected day, say a lecture finishes early, I miss a bus (which I rarely do thanks to the Dublin Bus App, although its still often wrong and causes a bus-miss which is out of my control... sorry rant over... that's for another day) I waste my time, probably taking ridiculously long lie-ins and eating badly and not getting things done that I have to do. This may seem like not the worst thing in the world, but believe me, the guilt and self disappointment that sets in at the end of a wasted day is inexplicable. This becomes even more of a problem when I let things that other people have to do become responsibilities of mine. Honorary responsibilities if you will! These just add to the stress by no fault of... well anyone!

If I have a day off coming up, I'll make myself a nice long list, usually timetabled, of things I need to do, buy or start/finish. This may seem normal enough, but its the execution of this list in order of appearance and the strict 'checking off' of the completed items that makes me feel so relaxed and at peace.
Unfollowing and deleting my contact yet?? Fortunately for everyone I know, I don't let this interfere with or overspill onto other people. Mind you I have tried to organize people, making them lists like me, but it failed miserably. Living life Listlessly seems so crazy to me, I wouldn't remember to do anything and I'd constantly find myself double-booking my time and forgetting/missing deadlines. Therefore, is my compulsion such a bad thing, if it prevents all these catastrophic eventualities for me? Why is OCD seen as such a negative thing? So what I clean every inch of my bedroom for fun and relaxation and won't rest until every surface is dusted/hoovered/cleaned? I've seen or heard of worse...

OH NO! I've reached the end of my bowl of cheesers, and I didn't enjoy the last cheeser like the last of any crisp should be enjoyed and savoured.... one moment please....
*runs to press for a refill*

PHEW! The eating system may continue!
Unfortunately I've reached the end of my rant/discussion. I just think its something that people see as such a bad thing, but why can't it be seen as a positive thing? I'm a neat, tidy and organized person because of it! :)


BTW: How awesome is Sheldon??? BAZINGA!

Saturday, March 3

Childhood memories!!

Driving up to Bettystown today and I spotted a sign for 'Mosney' ....fizzle fizzle fizzle FLASHBACK! ... Emma aged 6 "we're Going to Bosnia on holidays" Eeeek!

I used to love childhood holidays! They were such an excitement: I remember my mam would get the airline tickets in the post and we'd sit on the bottom of the stairs and open them up, getting more and more giddy with impatience and excitement!

The car trips had to be the best: cramped into the back, 'Bagsy not in the middle' 'I've longer legs' ... You know yourself!

The games we would play included counting cars, I spy and green light go! But the main echo was "maaaaaam are we there yet??"

Beach trips were always fun times: my dad diving into the sea, quick swim and out again! Happy as Larry!

We had to have our bucket and spade, a little watering can and some sand moulds! Not forgetting the windbreaker that we pegged into the ground (and often treated as a toilet cubicle) and of course the delicious picnic with plastic plates and forks and the tankard of tea!

The best thing of all for me, are the pictures we still have of us all on the beach ..... Freezing our asses off! Good ole Ireland!


Friday, March 2

The Good Kind of 'Monthlies'!

So recently I've found it very difficult to think of things to blog about! Inspiration seemed a far off memory!! But alas I felt that niggling feeling - the one that, had it a voice, would repeat 'blog blog blog blog' ... So here's hoping it lives up:

A new year brings a new hope for everyone! How often have you heard 'this year will be different' ?? It's the most optimistic way to start a new year! Because let's face it, it is a new start!

New years resolutions are rife, everyone knows what they want to achieve; weight loss, find love, new job.. The list goes on!

It's a really lovely idea to think that, despite the past 4 or 5 new years when you have never kept a single new years resolution past pancake Tuesday, you try try and try again! And thats the spirit! Weight loss, job hunting and looking for love are things that you can never and should never give up on until you're happy!

So here's my proposition; instead of a new years resolution: make a new month resolution each month- lets face it, shorter goals are easier to achieve and hopefully they'll lead to an ever happy you!

My March resolution is to keep up blogging more frequently and keep on top of my college work! :)

Whats yours?