Monday, August 6

50 Shades of 'Wahey!'

OK, so I couldnt let this summer go by without penning a post about the new phenomenon 'Fifty Shades of Grey'... whether you love or hate it... it must be discussed. I heard about it from my mam, yes odd and all as that is, I have never looked back... I loved them!! I'm still on the 3rd book now, but it's so entertaining! There are definitely pro's and con's to it though... so this post will outline said pros and cons and then I'll share my 'dream cast' for the movie.... :)

*brilliantly gripping and exciting storyline
*awesome characters.... nom ;)
*a great way to spend the summer holidays
*gets us all reading... ;) i.e. combatting illiteracy
*helping to spice up relationships world wide... (apparently sales in handcuffs and sex toys has shot up)

* attrocious abuse of the english language by the author... for those who've read it, you know what I'm talking about... I mean COME ON! What does 'sardonically' even mean??? :P
*the sex does get a bit repetitive and you tend to skip past it after a while
*We can't all have a sugardaddy like Christian Grey :(

Now, there are rumours flying left right and centre about the A-list will-be cast of the movie.. which WILL be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

But these are who I think should play the characters... let's see what you guys think? Agree or Disagree??

Ana: Anna Kendrick

Christian: Alexander Skarsgard

Taylor: Vin Diesel

Kate: Emma Watson

Jose:  Taylor Lautner

Elliot: Channing Tatum

Mrs. Robinson: Angelina Jolie

Other than that... I dont really care! These are the people I imagined while I was reading... anyone agree?

If you havent read it yet.... GO READ IT NOW! You wont be sorry... :)