Monday, June 27

And..... ACTION!

When we were 12, me and my best friend (to this day) Fiona dreamed and fantasised about being in a movie. We used to watch every single 'Special Feature' on the DVDs we owned and rented and we both longed to be part of that world some day...

8-9 years later..... that day arrived!!!!! Last Saturday we spent the day in Bray on the set of an Irish feature film. HOW FRICKIN' EXCITING?!?!?!

We were called in as extras, and had to be on set at 8am and we were put through the typical paces of hair and make-up and costumes (Check us out...we were cheerleaders!)

Throughout the day we got chatting to the cast and ogled at the crew doing their thang!!! It was like a dream come true!

To add to the already incredible day, the weather was nearly 23 degrees, and the sun was scorching... and we were in Bray.... with a beach... right next to us.... hmmm.....

A walk along the seafront, a few games in the Arcade, dinner and cocktails in Porterhouse and a fully clothes 'dip' in the sea followed....... establishing possibly THE BEST DAY of all time.... so far :P

Still smiling at the thought,

My Lappertoppy had a Heart Transplant!

So last week my laptop charger tried to electrocute me and the battery on my laptop gave up the ghost! Admittedly it had been used and abused over nearly 3 years, so it was bound to happen, but I was devastated and lost without it. Being laptop-less left me thinking about how dependant I am on it...

Things that have become Obsolete (to me) since having a Laptop:
  • Looking up a phone number in that big dusty phone book
  • checking cinema times by picking up a leaflet when you pass the cinema/using teletext
  • hand written invitations
  • using a paper wall calendar to plan my life... i still have TWO but they just hang there looking pretty
  • Watching TV shows on the actual TV, and renting movies!
Maybe everyone else hasn't succumbed to the laziness and convenience of a laptop, but they are just a few things that I went to do and thought.... oh no! I can't ... no laptop!

Things that I did while internet-less:
  • Old school blogging... yep with a pen and paper... I'm directly copying it right now...
  • instead of watching movies in bed i played electronic sudoku... i know... IM LAME!
  • cleaned..... ALOT
  • revived my Xtravision account and shocked the staff with my abuse of their weekly deals!
  • Banking... where you actually get off your arse and walk to the building.... and I had only just got the hang of internet banking... TYPICAL!
  • Figured things out ALL BY MYSELF... *proud gush* Usually if i think of a quote, or have a song stuck in my head, or need a super quick answer, ever faithful and dependable Google is right there for me, but without my laptop, I just had to struggle on... working things out by myself.... and I DID IT! Thinking for yourself... what an old fashioned idea.. *awkward laugh* totally not that funny!
Things my laptop will NEVER be able to do:
while i would be the first person to say that technology is far better than .... not technology :P ... there are some things Robots will never be able to do :
  • clean my room like I do
(but that could be cos I'm like OCD about it)

It is now June 27th and as promised by (a site I am now IN LOVE WITH)... my shiny new battery and charger arrived... a perfect fit... (I nearly jumped the postman) and I AM BACK PEOPLE!!! :D

Probably the best and worst week of my life.... but it opened my eyes to alot of things....

Catching up Quickly,

Wednesday, June 15

Can't Get You Outta My Head!!

Motion of Todays Blog: I reckon if you listen to any song enough times you'll grow to like it!

It has happened to me several times. Here are a list of the songs I now love that I hated when I first heard them...
  1. I See You, Leona Lewis (Avatar Soundtrack)

  2. Lipstick, Jedward

  3. Friday, Glee version of Rebecca Black's song

  4. Born This Way, Lady GAGA

  5. Impossible, Shontelle

  6. Love Me, Justin Bieber.... THE ONLY JUSTIN BIEBER SONG I LIKE!

  7. She said, Plan B

  8. S&M, Rihanna

  9. Just a Dream, Nelly (but a cover version)

  10. Cooler than Me, Mike Posner

There are plenty more, but these are all songs that when I first heard them my immediate reaction was: oh dear lord!
I found myself changing radio channels and the first sound of them coming up, and I declared out loud how much I hated them whenever anyone passed me singing them....
Until.... one by one... I found myself humming them, youtubing them... and .... yep, you bet: DOWNLOADING THEM!
SO, the hypothesis I put to you.... If you listen to ANY song enough, you'll eventually grow to like it!

Awaiting Theorization,