Wednesday, July 20

60 in 6 : Food Restrictions

Things to Avoid (keep to a minimum):
-Root veggies*: carrots, sweet potatoes, parnsips etc
-Bananas, mango, papaya, pineapple, watermelon – very sugary fruits.

*GNS recommends to eat things like Sweet potato/Carrots etc in moderation and always pair with a protein and fibre source to help speed up the digestion. E.g. sweet potato wedges with chicken and lots of green veggies.

The ‘NO’ list (no exceptions here)
-No Alcohol
-No Takeaways
-No Soda
-No Fruit Juices (Unless Freshly Prepared)
-No Bread, Cakes, Muffins, Biscuits etc
-No Pasta, Rice or Potatoes
-No Sweets
-Jar Sauces

Again neither list is exhaustive, but it’s a guideline and I have to use my discretion when I’m grocery shopping.



60 in 6 : Food Plan

So the majority of questions I’ve had so far are related to my Food plan for this Journey.
I am going to try and avoid using the work DIET, because I am not cutting down any food intake, quantity wise. I am just filtering it correctly to eliminate the bad stuff! I won’t be starving myself – no fear of that!!
All the credit for my Food plan inspiration goes to GNS fitness – a program I took part in for 4 months in 2015 (before I moved to Canada).

Eggs – scrambled/hardboiled
Porridge – gluten-free oats & cinnamon for flavour

Nuts; pistachios, almonds, cashews, brazil nuts (raw, unsalted, non-roasted)
Green Apple /Pear sliced with Almond butter
Handful of berries
Protein shake on water.

(9 times out of 10 this will be leftovers from dinner the night before. Takes the thinking out of at least one meal – make a healthy dinner and have enough for a healthy lunch the following day)
Chicken with stirfry veg – olive oil/coconut oil
Turkey with steamed veg
Salad and protein (chicken or turkey)
Lean ground beef with Veggies

(in all cases veggies are 95% green veggies; broccoli, peas, asparagus etc. Also allowed: Onions, and peppers.)

As I said above most of my lunches will be the same as the dinner from the night before.

The Routine:
-          AM workout 30mins
-          Breakfast,
-          Mid-Morning snack,
-          Lunch,
-          Afternoon Snack,
-          PM workout 30mins
-          Dinner,
-          Evening Snack

Also Recommended:
-          Multivitamin in the mornings
-          Lots of Water and Green/Herbal teas

NOTE: This list isn’t exhaustive, it's just a brief snapshot of the food plan. There’s so many options and variations. Lots of meal prep required and so far, it’s been quite fun trying out the recipes.  I’ll share some here as I go along.

For anyone still in Ireland, I highly recommend checking out GNS:



60 in 6

Hi All,

It's Day 1...

I've set myself a goal and it begins today. Lose 60lbs in 6 months (60 in 6 for short).

It's ambitious I know, but I figured, why not? What's stopping me? So I'll be documenting my #weightlossjourney here over the next 6 months for anyone who's interested to follow.

I welcome all stories of personal weight loss, tips and words of inspiration or motivation, which will help me ALOT over the next 6 months.

In setting out to do this I am allowing myself 2 occasions over the next 6 months to have a 'cheat day'... My birthday in Sept, by which time I should have lost about 20lbs, and Christmas Day, by which time I should have lost 50lbs total. These will be my milestones, along with Monthly weigh ins.

Now comes the tough part... admitting to my current weight:
- Starting Weight: 203lbs
- Goal Weight: 143lbs

So over the next 6 months, I'll be sharing tips on motivating yourself, clean and delicious recipes, planning and food prep notes etc.

Wish me luck....


Monday, February 9

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Wednesday, October 8

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Monday, October 6

Let's Face Facts!!

You can buy countless handbags all shapes and prices, you can get your hair re-styled and coloured as many times as you like - but your face... your skin... you only get the one.

The lesson I have learned since working in the Spa is the importance of investing in quality Skincare products. Price doesn't matter so long as it is worth it. 

It led me to compare my most recent quality products with the other creams and potions I have tried and tested.

Let's start at the very beginning...


  • ESPA's Pro-cleanser;

Recently launched and a serious WOW product.
This wondeful product has a gentle exfoliant, a delightful scent and if you leave it on for 15mins creates a mask for the skin. 
It's my new fave!!! 

Here's the pincher - it's €36 - so although it may be a saver scheme, it's so worth it and your skin will thank you!

  • Neutrogena Visibly Clear daily scrub;

This was a favourite of mine pre-ProCleanser,

It's a far more affordable product, available at Boots, and under €10.
The scrub is suitable for daily use, but is alot more abrasive. You really feel brand new after using this product, although it can leave your skin feeling a little tight if you have tendencies towards dryness or sensitivity. 

  • Chanel VitaLumiere Aqua

I absolutely love this Foundation. I don't like to wear alot of makeup - I prefer the natural look, especially for daily-wear. This foundation is lightweight, pliable and skin-perfecting! Matched with the loose Chanel powder, it provides a flawless finish and natural look. 
Available from Boots and House of Fraser for in and around €34. I tend to get 4-6 months from each bottle and therefore I think despite it's steep price, it is worth every penny!

  • Rimmel London 25 hour Lasting Finish

I was stuck in a rut and picked this up for €8.99 in Boots the other night. This foundation, while conveniently available in a wide selection of skin tones, is heavy, thick and uncomfortable to wear. Despite wearing powder over it, it was sticky all day every time I touched my face. This isn't even worth the €8,99 I paid for it, as it now sits collecting dust in my makeup basket. I used to wear Rimmel foundation all the time, but since using Chanel, it's hard to beat the comfortable light weight texture of Vitalumiere Aqua.

  • Benefit Non-fiction foundation;

This was the first foundation I ever used. My mam handed half a bottle down to me and I loved it. It had fantastic coverage, easy to apply and lasted well. It was a thicker foundation (hence the amazing coverage comment) but not as sticky and uncomfortable to apply or wear as the Rimmel. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be available anymore - being out-shined by Hello Flawless and YouRebel. 

~Eye Make-Up Remover~
Eye make-up remover is an important must-have for every girl in my opinion - or at least any girl who wants to keep those crows-feet away. No matter normal/dry skin, oily or combination - the skin around the eyes is entirely oil free. It is highly susceptible to dryness and so should be treated differently from the rest of your face. 
Wearing mascara, eye liner, eye brow pencil, eye shadow and liquid eye liner all contribute to congestion in your eye area, and can be harsh on your poor lids. 
The following are three products I have used to cleanse my eyes and here are my reviews;

  • No,7  Beautiful Skin Eye Make-up Remover

You know those free coupons you get in Boots for €7.50 off No.7??? Well I used mine to buy this product every time. Ringing it at only €7.00 it was my first eye cleanser. It had a greasy texture which meant you didn't need to rub too hard on your eyes. It leaves oily residue on the lids which soothes the skin after the cleanse.
I have used better products though.

  • ESPA Bio-Active Eye Cleanser

Now THIS is a product!!! You know the greasy texture I mentioned in the No 7 review? Well.... it shouldn't feel greasy, It should feel gentle and smooth. This product has it down to a tea. The ESPA brand products are always guaranteed 99-100% natural and often have an aromatherapy element to them. This sensitive product is gentle, effective and soothing on the eyes. The only complaint I have for this product would be the change of bottle it is sold in. They used to sell it in this small round bottle (above).., now it is sold in a tall thin bottle and for me and many other accident prone people it is a smash-hazard. Otherwise, it is a favourite of mine and well worth the €29,50 I pay for it. 

Last but not least (No 7 is least)...

  • L'Oreal Micellar Gel Eye Cleanser

This is a great 'get you by til pay day' product. Only €4, it is available at Boots and as part of the Skin Perfection line of L'Oreal Paris it isn't half bad. It's more gentle on the eyes that the No 7 and doesn't leave any residue. It takes slightly longer to remove makeup but can be very hydrating and cooling on the eyelids.

Well that's all from me! Get in touch if you have any experiences good or bad with the above products or if you have any other products you couldn't do without please feel free to comment below.

As always, 



Monday, April 22

'First World Problems'??? if even....

you know what... sometimes life is too damn tough... but I'm not even sure I'm entitled to say this?? Am I merely suffering from 'first world problems' as they say?

I just can't stand it when just as you've recovered from one mishap/hurdle/upset... and think everything is just hunky dory, you turn a corner and BAM, something else happens that just fucks your day right up.... I mean come on, is there not meant to be a daily quota on shit like this..???

I find myself getting frustrated, taking deep breaths and asking 'what did i do to deserve this??' and yet, my life isn't so bad, nor are my 'problems'. I'm sure many many people worldwide could read this and think 'oh shut up girl, you are fine....'

But baring that in mind, i still feel awful...! I can't help but feel a bit selfish... wanting to wallow in my own "troubles" for a while.... write about them so as to alleviate the stress... because that's just how I do things....

Is this such a big deal??

Afterall, I find myself short on proper friends right now... people I can pick up the phone too and rant away... because we're busy, I'm too busy, we've all got shit going on, important things, deadlines, assignments... I'm guilty of letting this become my excuse too! Aren't we all...?

I just wish I could figure out some kind of way of fitting both in... I mean, right now it's college... final year, exams and deadlines approaching, it is all such a rush, such a hurry... as if I didn't see this coming for the past 3 years...

But all of a sudden I find myself blaming everything on this... I don't need to focus on being the best in work cos hey... i hopefully won't be here for much longer... I will make time for my friends after my exams... they'll still be there right??

Everyone else always seems so on top of these things, so together, organised, so little to 'sort out'...

It's times like these that I wonder... are some people destined to lead disorganised, hectic lives that consist of several disruptions every day... if it's not a heap of  college work, or stressful commute, or busy day at work, or annoying customer, or slow internet, or crashing computer, or a lazy team mate, or a sick dog, or a messy house, or crappy weather, or headache for no reason.... what will it be ????

My one and only solution to days like this.... SLEEP... just get under the covers, forget about it all, cos nothing matters in Duvet Land, and just close your eyes and sleep... forever and ever... when you wake up tomorrow you'll laugh at the days mishaps, you'll shrug at the "deep insightful" blog... and you'll carry on living, wondering what kind of quests the day has in store.

Alright then.... good night..