Friday, November 25

Ode to Gar!!

My coolest uncle, practically a big brother to me, is soon moving to Canada! To say he'll be missed is a huge understatement! However no matter how far away he goes I know he'll only ever be a phone call away and through the years the best advice I've got can all be sourced to him! You're awesome gar, and I'd never forget ya or not be thankful for you! Thanks for reading my blog!

Wednesday, November 23

TGI Blog Time...

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Not usually a holiday I would have celebrated, but this year the gang are heading to The Woolshed for some Thanksgiving dinner and festivities. It got me thinking... what am I thankful for...?

  • My Mam, Dad and 2 Awesome Sisters.
  • My Wonderful Boyfriend
  • My Amazing Friends
  • Bed
  • Food
  • Good TV
  • Comfy Tracksuit Bottoms
  • Weekly Bus Tickets
  • Having all my Christmas Shopping bought and wrapped
  • Having a job and income
  • The opportunities I get in college
  • Free Texts with o2
  • Gmail colour coded labels!!
  • A nice refreshing shower
  • The people who take the time to read my blog... its more rewarding than you'd imagine!
  • ........
The list goes on, varying from cheese-tastic 'I'd like to thank God'... to 'I love lamps!'


Something To Blog About!!

Just thought I'd share with you all, that I just became an approved member of not one, but TWO blog networks. You'll see my badges at the bottom of the home page!

I'm well chuffed with myself! Expect more frequent blogs folks.. and spread the word please! :)


Mr. Dublin Bus's 'Believe it or Not'

I get the bus to college most mornings and home again most evenings. It has lead me to bear witness to the most unusual and shocking and funny events. Just thought I'd share a few.
On days when I happen to be iPod-less (sniff sniff) I always end up being amused in other ways......

This one time on Dublin Bus.... a teenage girl got on and sat in the priority seat. now thats all fine when its not needed, but then at the next stop a disabled person got on the bus, and went towards the priority seat, fully expecting to get offered it. but NO, the girl stubbornly sat there, ignoring him for the whole journey, while everyone else on the bus (I'm sure) sat staring in disgust!!
This one time on Dublin Bus....a guy and gal sat down behind me and i encountered the most blatant flirting in the world. the lad was boasting to this lassy how awesome he is at betting. he explained how he bets on American Football, a sport I happen to know a good bit about... a hell of a lot more than this particular sir.  Listening to someone explain a sport that they have no clue about , to someone who also has no clue about it, is something i can only describe as HILARIOUS, i was just short of turning around and correcting him... but I'm no cock-blocker :P
This one time on Dublin Bus.... i was waiting to get off at my stop and this gangster-clad guy stood infront of me. his ear plugs were in and i assumed (a bad idea i know) that he was listening to heavy metal or rap... but nope... on closer listening... it was infact ADELE's 'Someone Like You'!!! You cant make this stuff up :P

There are oh so many  more stories.... 
Share yours in my comment space below!!


Monday, November 21

Hello.... Is It Me You're Looking For..?

Sorry it's been so long!

So what's been happening you ask???
Well I'm just back from London, went over for the weekend to visit my lil sis, and wow... what a time we had... and I mean that in BOTH a good and bad way. Lets start with the good news....

1. Mr. Ripleys 'Believe it or Not' is INCREDIBLE.... very entertaining and great value for money. Brilliant if you have 2 or so hours to kill in the city.

2. Stumbled Upon the Hummingbird Bakery, (I had the cookbook.... AMAZING cupcakes) and had a yummy chocolate malt muffin with malteser topping.

3. Ate in some pretty awesome grub-hubs.... Wagamamas, Pizza Express, Haagen Dazs (nom) and Frank&Bennies.

4. Saw 'Breaking Dawn Part 1'.

and now for the not so happy news.....

1. Used 'Top Secret Hotels' on and were EXTREMELY let down. Between having to move hotels, move rooms, and a dodgy pigeon nest as a bathroom neighbour...... not so hot!

Hidely Ho Neighbourino!

2. Aer Lingus screwed us over. fullstop.

3. Microwave popcorn is IMPOSSIBLE to find in London! I mean..COME ON! :(

Disgruntled, but sure ... feck it!


Monday, November 7

Mow Mow Mow Your 'Tache!!

Its November again, and all the lads I know are taking on the challenge of Movember, especially my wonderful boyfriend Pauly! His mo' of choice this year is 'handlebar' but he has made it a little more interesting! For the last 3 days of the month, he will dye his 'stache any colour under the sun. The highest bidder to make a donation will get to choose the colour. 

Day 5

So everyone lets loosen those purse strings and contribute to an excellent cause, because afterall, the whole point of Movember is to raise vital funds for Mens Health :)

To donate/sponsor, click on the link below:

It'll be worth every penny,

I just thought this was amusing :P