Wednesday, July 20

60 in 6

Hi All,

It's Day 1...

I've set myself a goal and it begins today. Lose 60lbs in 6 months (60 in 6 for short).

It's ambitious I know, but I figured, why not? What's stopping me? So I'll be documenting my #weightlossjourney here over the next 6 months for anyone who's interested to follow.

I welcome all stories of personal weight loss, tips and words of inspiration or motivation, which will help me ALOT over the next 6 months.

In setting out to do this I am allowing myself 2 occasions over the next 6 months to have a 'cheat day'... My birthday in Sept, by which time I should have lost about 20lbs, and Christmas Day, by which time I should have lost 50lbs total. These will be my milestones, along with Monthly weigh ins.

Now comes the tough part... admitting to my current weight:
- Starting Weight: 203lbs
- Goal Weight: 143lbs

So over the next 6 months, I'll be sharing tips on motivating yourself, clean and delicious recipes, planning and food prep notes etc.

Wish me luck....


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